Tekken 6

Tekken 6

Tekken 6 If you’re thinking about picking up Tekken 6, I would say think no more! Take if from a guy that is NOT a video game junkie.

I happen to enjoy fighting games, and of all the fighting games I’ve played – Tekken is by far the most fun.

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The truth is that I’m way too busy for video games as I’m the father of 2 sets of twins. That’s right, I said 2 sets of twins – all boys by the way.

I bought Tekken for the boys because unlike me, they have loads of time on their hands.

So one day after work, one of my sons aked if I would accept a challenge. Me being a big boy at heart accepted the challenge…and I was hooked after 5 minutes!

My favorite character is Jin Kazama Jin Kazama.

I like Jin because I think if I had ANY fighting skills whatsoever, I imagine they would be very much like Jin’s style.

He’s not too big or bulky and very agile for his size. The hand speed that Jin has is INSANE! Imagine fighting this guy in a real fight. That ass beating that you  get would be one you would never forget.

Another thing that I like is when I use Jin to fight, his moves strike me as realistic.

Jin Kazama Moves:

Below are some of my favorite moves I use while playing Jin…

Corpse Thrust
Demon Hop
Demon Scissors
Demon Steel Pedal
Double Face Kick
Dragon Uppercut
Electric Wind Godfist
Lightning Screw Uppercut
Jin has more than a handful of of moves not mentioned here, but the ones listed abve are the ones that I have in my repertoire. With this short list of moves I’m able to get a win I would say 88% of the time.

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